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Tell us about your property and we'll reveal how many waiting tenants matching your criteria we have.

We THRIVE on this!  It is always our first and foremost objective to be able to shift our current qualified tenants who are looking to move for whatever reason into another one of our available properties.  We have a database of tenants that we have a great relationship with who only wish to stay renting through Encore Property Group. 

When a property becomes available, they are offered the first choice as we already know they are a quality fit. 

This saves the landlord advertising costs, minimal downtime for rental income and let’s not forget the most important…  PEACE OF MIND!

Experienced property managers are invaluable when it comes to navigating rental applications, as we know how to find the best possible tenant for your property.

A good property manager understands the importance of a tenant who will take care of the property, pay rent on time, minimise maintenance costs and be likely to stay for the duration of their lease. 

And what better way than having tenants with our current agency history and relationship.

Avoid unnecessary hassles and be rest assured we really are working in YOUR best interest.

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Leased without Advertising