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Our vision is to create wealth for our clients through a broad range of value-adding property services and solutions.

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There are significant differences between commercial property lease and residential property lease.  Commercial leases tend to be a lot more complicated than residential leases.

Some o few differences:

  1. Legally, a commercial tenant is presumed to be on equal footing with his/her landlord in negotiating a commercial contract, unlike the residential tenant.
  2. A landlord of a commercial property will calculate the rent amount based on the square footage of the premise or rate per meter.
  3. Tenants of commercial properties have a larger amount of responsibilities than residential.

Selling commercial property is more complex than selling residential properties.

Many commercial properties will be sold with existing tenancies. This means that the rights and obligations under a present lease are transferred from the seller to the buyer on completion. The buyer’s representative will need to ensure that the buyer is aware of the terms of the lease and that key dates are noted.

Engaging competent professionals when buying or selling a commercial property will ensure that the parties meet the legislative requirements and that the appropriate enquiries and processes are adopted to facilitate a smooth transaction.

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  • We will guide you through all the paperwork and help you to set realistic, top price for your property.
  • Advise you on ways to improve your home’s curb appeal for potential buyers
  • Professionally market your property using a multiple listing services and advertising.
  • Negotiate the best deal for you, assist with counter-offers, help resolve buyers concerns.
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