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Representing property owners and buyers as well as landlords and tenants it is a challenging process.

We apply competency, fairness, and high integrity in our day to day operations.

The new technology available nowadays allows us to use our ethics even further! 

We are proud to be one of the first in Australia to offer to public Virtual Open Houses.

The old open house concept is not easy for any party involved. 

“It is amazing - a person needs more identification to hire a few dollars video than just go and wander around a house"

For house owners THERE ARE a few BIG DANGERS WITH OPEN INSPECTIONS. The most important is the security risk and damage the value of your home.

For  home hunters Open houses are also too time consuming. Open houses were a way for buyers to see as many properties as possible in one day and get to know a community.

Encore Property Group is proud to introduce a new approach for HOME OPENS. 

A compelling new way to digitally engage home buyers or prospective tenants in real time. This Virtual Home Opens will allow viewers to interact through comments.

By conducting a Virtual Open house we can give interested parties a preview of properties they may not be willing to take the time to visit in person based on photos or descriptions alone or even videos. It will allow home buyers/prospective tenants to see raw, real footage of a home, not just images that have been “scrubbed and edited,” or a description that might be misleading.

Our Virtual Viewing Tours are fully interactive.  Our agent will show property LIVE, while walking you through and anyone can ask questions immediately.

They are not time consuming, you can view on your mobile phone, your computer, tablet or iPad from the comfort of your own home, or stop your car during travel and watch for a few minutes or even on the bus or train. Prospects can invite family or friends and watch together.

Our agent can also spend more time to show you areas of the property of interest over again. We are confident that our interactive tours online will attract more  internet savvy buyers who want to see the inside of property right from the comfort of their homes.

A much more convenient way to view any property.

The Internet may be the fastest way to find homes for sale/rent, but there’s nothing better than actually walking through a house and seeing it first hand.

Virtual Open House will meet that need. You can view, unedited video when it is happening and asking questions like you were there. Then of course you are able to schedule a real viewing by private inspection, if the house meets your criteria.

Most people agree that a home can’t be fully experienced or completely appreciated through pictures alone or videos alone. Virtual Online Tours is a great opportunity to see a property before you see it in person.



For Sellers/Landlords
      In the case of "Virtual Tours Online", buyers can be screened ahead of time to ensure that they are serious and trustworthy.
    1. Inspections can be advertised to a wide audience and knowing in advance how many people will attend online viewing.
    2. Buyers will love the convenience of seeing properties at a time which suits them and hence more exposure
    3. When prospective buyers come by your home for a traditional showing, they often give you little notice beforehand - making it difficult and very inconvenient to making time.  It is more Secure and less time consuming.
    4. You can schedule an Virtual Tours so it fits with your schedule. It makes your lifestyle a whole lot easier when you choose the time - you never have to struggle to make appointments with a few buyers at a time, at times that are inconvenient for you.
    5. If a potential buyer has already saw your house advertised on Internet yet they don't have time or they are a bit far to visit, they will be able to attend no matter what they do and see home and ask questions. Pictures are great, videos are great but experiencing a home tells a bigger story. It's an added bonus that buyers can bring family and friends along to Interactive Tours and seek advice.
    6. Your home gets more exposure as it is not confined to local area only. Anyone around Austrlia or even overseas can watch our Virtual Tours.
    7. The recorded video can be watched over and over. That make it your home viewable 24/7.
    8. In this way we can attract the maximum number of buyers/tenants.
For Buyers/Prospective Tenants

If you are a home buyer or looking for a rental, what would you rather do - meet an estate agent who shows you homes at a time convenient for you, OR, would you prefer to drive around inspecting open-houses at a time set by the agent?

  1. Buyers or prospective tenants will have plenty of time to ask questions and build a rapport with our real estate agent
  2. Our Virtual Home Open runs on a more flexible schedule. There is no bad weather or distance as an issue
  3. Convenience of seeing property from any place and with as many friends or members of family as you want
  4. You don’t need an appointment to see if house suits your needs
  5. You feel less pressure as it won't require any commitment
  6. The recorded video can be watched over and over 24/7 and you can invite family or friends to watch with you
  7. You are not distracted by time limited viewing or other people attending and asking questions
  8. Showing the property takes time because people generally want to view the property during after work hours such as the evenings or weekends
  9. Buyers/Tenants do not have to spend time contacting the agent to arrange a private viewing
  10. Buyers/Tenants do not feel inhibited and can relax more during inspections as they know nobody watch their reactions
  11. It gives unique home experience, gives a better opportunity to hear explain all the benefits that can’t be explained in just a few minutes as with a typical home.

Our Virtual Tours run on a more flexible schedule than traditional Open House. If there is bad weather or something comes up at the last minute, Our Virtual Tours can be rescheduled for another day and interested parties are notified.



Key Points
  • Many times agents find themselves sitting in an empty home as a consequence on bad weather or people not showing up. And you pay for this!
  • Open inspections restrict the chances of a sale/rentals and greatly reduce the chance of obtaining the best price
  • Open inspections make it hard to meet more interested people as time is set that might not suit really interested party.
  • An open house is also huge time waste for homeowners
  • Many people complain about neighbours coming through
  • Less than 1% of houses are purchased by someone who went to the open house - chances of selling house or rent to someone who attends your open house are slim
  • Open inspections are an open invitation for criminals
  • Open inspections times could be inconvenient for genuine buyers/prospective tenants
  • Open Home times are set in advance and weather might be not good at actual time of inspection
  • Open Home are not good for people who lives in the distance that not allow them to attend