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Real Estate in Kwinana - Covid 19 safety message

In every aspect of life across the country, being COVID-safe is the new normal and Encore Property Group is no different.


Safety measures for all day to day dealing we apply

Our plan cover:

    • the wellbeing of staff and clients
    • physical distancing
    • hygiene and cleaning
    • Contact Register record keeping
      1. Given the law requires one be worn everywhere, inside and out, mask-wearing is now a way of life in Western Australia. That means anyone attending a property inspection, or open home anywhere in the state must wear a mask or risk a fine.
      2.  We carry and use hand sanitiser and ask visitors at open inspections and when visiting the office to use it.
      3. Frequent hand sanitising is a simple, but effective way to protect yourself from coronavirus.  It makes sense then to have a bottle of alcohol-based sanitiser on-hand when you’re property hunting, using it before and after each appointment.
      4. Abide by social distancing rules
      5. Social distancing is becoming a way of life across Australia.  

Our procedures on home opens are:

      • Please respect the 2 square-metre rule with other people within and around the property.   We only allow a max of four people at a time when viewing the property to minimise traffic
      • We ask details for a contact register
      • We ask and keep details such as name, address, and mobile number of anyone that visits a property or our office.  You must register prior to entry either using the SafeWA App by scanning our QR code or our manual register.  NO REGISTRATION = NO ENTRY.  Failure to do so could attract a fine of $1000.00 for us both
      • The manual register information will be kept for several weeks and handed to the state’s health authorities if asked
      • Do we use mobile app to register details?

We have a QR code available to scan on your mobile device once you have downloaded the SafeWa App.

      • We Also offer virtual tours for interstate and local people who wish to view the property but can’t physically attend a viewing.

We are currently conducting live walk-through private video tours of the property using either Facetime, Messenger or Zoom where the client can interact and ask questions at the time of the viewing.  We set up individual appointments with clients to do this and do not make it a part of group viewings.  We have successfully leased properties this way over the last 10 months for our eastern states people looking to re-located or move back to WA and it works well.

What about tenant inspections for my property? How do I know it is being looked after well?

We have made an agency policy that it is still best to conduct physical rent inspections.  There is too much room for error to rely solely on the tenants to report any maintenance issues and allow a video viewing to conduct an inspection. 

      • We glove up,
      • mask up,
      • sanitise up and
      • ask the tenant to turn on all lighting where possible to minimise touching anything in the property. 
      • We are able to go in safely and conduct the inspection using an IPAD to ensure the property is being kept well and any maintenance issues are addressed promptly.  We always ask the tenants prior to contact us if they are unwell and we re-schedule for another week in the short-ter future.

 Office Hygiene

Like other businesses, we’re asking our team members to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness such as abundant hand sanitisation, using disposable gloves to handle keys, and maintaining social distancing when speaking to clients or tenants. We sanitise keys that come back into the office from either vacating tenants or contractors.  Masks are worn at all times in the office.

 Covid-19 Impact on Real Estate

Our thoughts are with you, your families and your businesses during these uncertain times.

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