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Private sale of property in Perth

Our motto at Encore Property is “IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU” and we understand that not everybody requires an experienced Sales Consultant to sell their property or just want to “have a crack” at doing so themselves.

The biggest issue when selling privately owned properties is being able to market the property effectively enough to find interesting buyers.

 As a private seller you won't be able to have access to very popular real estate websites such as:, reiwa, and so on. They only accept listings from real estate agents to provide quality, professional listings and ensure every party is legally protected and well-represented.

Encore Property Group is willing not only to assist you with your endevours to market your property but also we will share valuable experience while listing your property on popular sites.

To assist you to have the best possible exposure when selling privately, we have put together two packages that will meet your marketing needs to give you the best possible exposure to enable you to sell your own home.

If you have more than one property to list, we offer discounts on these listing. Please contact us for details.